Historical scenes and faces from LUCIFER'S DRUM

(All images courtesy Library of Congress)

From Pine Badge Press...

June 1864: On a lonely road in the Shenandoah Valley, federal agent Nathaniel Truly intercepts a horse-drawn carriage. What he discovers inside it sends him and his young partner Bartholomew Forbes on a quest to solve a string of ghastly murders. Meanwhile, ominous bits of intelligence point to a disaster-in-the-making: General Jubal Early’s Confederate host is set to invade Maryland and strike at Washington, D.C. Even as Truly and Forbes connect the murders to a scheme that will ensure the capital’s downfall, skeptical superiors leave the pair to struggle alone. The scheme, they learn, involves a brilliant and elusive Southern spy–but as Early’s vengeful troops close in on the weakly garrisoned city, another dire fact takes shape: the spy has allies in Washington, individuals so lethal that he himself fears them, though they are essential to carrying out his secret plan. The darkness of the case threatens to consume the widower Truly, along with those he holds dearest–his son Ben, a lieutenant leading a company of black troops; his de facto adoptive daughter Sapphira, plucked from an auction block and spared an awful fate, now frustrated with the limits of her existence; his daughter Anna, radiant and frivolous, enthralled with a suitor who Truly can scarcely tolerate. Their fates, along with that of an entire country, will soon be swept into the merciless vortex of Lucifer’s Drum.

Cover design by Elizabeth Green Musselman

An Epic Story of Blood and Suspense

For fans of historical thrillers, spy thrillers, detective fiction or wartime epics, Lucifer's Drum will deliver, taking them deep into America's darkest hours. For purchasing information, contact us here.